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The hierarchy at Zaitoon Travel has been planned and designed so as to keep all operations going smooth and easy. It has turned out to be a huge success for us since the team at Zaitoon Travel works together from top level to bottom level to being out the best of results.

The Structure
Our team comprises travel agents who are led by area managers handling different parts of the world. The area managers are headed by PR managers who are responsible for our partnerships with hotels and airline companies all around the world. On top of that, we have a CEO who heads the company and chairs all meetings and important sessions.

In order to ensure good management, this is how Zaitoon Travel goes about it:

1. Motivating the Employees
At Zaitoon Travel, the management is such that the employees are provided with a friendly yet professional environment to work in. This is how they are encouraged to work and are made to feel good about work. We encourage and appreciate our employees and time by time, inform them of the appreciation that they are getting, in order to encourage them to do better.

2. Setting and Achieving Goals
Our managers set goals and work towards achieving them. These goals eventually come to benefit our valued customers willing to travel for business trips, honeymoons or holidays but it all starts at a very basic level. Our managers inform the employees of the expectations, review their work and provide feedback and under no circumstances, lower the standards. This is how Zaitoon Travel effectively achieves its goals without lowering service quality offered to travelers and tourists.

3. Delegating Responsibility
Our managers provide employees with exercise which help open up their minds and stretch out their limits. All work is done together and any missteps on part of the team leaders are also accepted and team work is made collaborative and productive.

4. Effective Communication
The managers at Zaitoon Travel ensure good communication with the employees. They take keen interest in listening to the employees and knowing their issues and needs. In turn, feedback is always provided as needed and conversations are ensured to be clear on both ends to avoid any issues later.

5. Promote Egalitarianism
All employees at Zaitoon Travel are treated equally without any differences of race, sex, cast, creed or designation. This egalitarian policy makes the work space peaceful and good to work in.