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  • Plan Hajj as per your schedule with various 7, 10, 14 or 21-nights stay options
  • Avail luxurious or affordable stay with our handpicked shifting or non-shifting 5, 4 or 3 star hotels
  • Have convenient & worry free pilgrimage with our specially arranged Qurbani and Hajj draft
  • Meet your travel plan exactly with flight choices from London, Birmingham or Manchester

If you want to go on Hajj with family, group, or as lone goer with required comfortable stay, convenience in transfers and cheapest prices, then Zaitoon Travel is the one-stop shop for your every Hajj journey need. We have range of Hajj packages including non-shifting Hajj packages, Shifting Hajj packages and economical Hajj Packages that you can tailor to your specific needs.

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Non-Shifting Hajj Packages

Offer luxurious stay in same hotel just nearby or at few kilometre distance from Haram before and after Hajj days. Moreover, ensure your luggage and stay is in same luxurious hotel with added comfort before and after Hajj days. 

Designed carefully by our proficient Hajj planners with luxurious 5 star hotels that offer lavishing facilities, home-like stay and Wi-Fi service, non-shifting Hajj packages ensure ultimate comfort, luxurious stay & full convenience. Explore below options and customize according to your requirements for having utmost comfort, convenience and added luxury.

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Shifting Hajj Packages

Provide best combo of luxurious and comfy stay with added savings of moving hotels to Azizah during peak Hajj days that ensures utmost luxury when you want to stay nearby Haram and cost savings when you are not staying in a hotel.

These packages are skilfully designed by our Hajj advisors with 5 star hotels on shifting basis. Discover below mentioned options to have convenience, comfort and huge savings by changing accommodation to Aziziyah during peak Hajj days. 

Economical Hajj Packages

Ensure you don’t miss any opportunity to go on greater pilgrimage and avail hands on all necessary arrangements to make Hajj tour full of comfort without having second thought about budget.

We have mindfully formulated economy Hajj packages with cheapest hotels nearby Haram offering essential service and Aziziyah residence during peak holidays and cheapest flights to minimize your travelling cost and ensure you can go for Hajj. Explore more to uncover the best facilities for going on Hajj in best prices.

Why Tailor Hajj Packages On Your Terms With Us?

We always consider your requirements (your preferred schedule of Hajj days, duration, staying, travelling, and specific companion’s requirements), when designing Hajj packages and don’t compromise on quality of arrangements or services. 

Hajj departure schedule you prefer. Flight itinerary from London, Birmingham or Manchester You Like and air ticket classification that you like. Hotel on shifting or non-shifting basis as per your budget and comfort requirements. Ziyarat location you prefer and ground transport as per your comfort needs. Qurbani inclusion as per your specifications. We keep every aspect of Hajj packages how you want, with every arrangement that you like and in cheapest prices that you can afford. Enjoy few more perks!

  • Opt for Hajj duration as per your desired schedule
  • Plan Hajj with your family, group or any other companion
  • One-on-one assistance in designing Hajj packages to your terms
  • Up to 30% savings on booking in advance

UK Muslims Consider Us First Priority for Booking Hajj Packages

We always strive to meet Hajjis’ schedule, duration, itinerary and comfort demands with cheapest prices and design Hajj packages with all essentials that meet their unique needs.

No Arrangement is To Out of Way For Us!

Departure from specific UK city, itinerary with desired scheduling, shifting or non-shifting accommodation based on comfort & itinerary requirements, Hajj draft, Qurbani and luxury transport for ziyarat at cheapest prices. 

We keep in mind all that when designing Hajj Packages. 10+ years of experience, 10k+ Muslims served with 99% customer retention rate, accreditations with ATOL, IATA & Ministry of Hajj and Umrah and strategic affiliations with top hotels and airlines are few more factors to consider us.

What They Say About Us


Alhamdulilah I am back from Hajj and everything was how I was told. I had a lot of queries about Hajj. Luckily, they answered all promptly. The hajj flight was from my city’s airport, the hotel was comfortable and all luxuries and my luggage remained there throughout my journey. They even arrange Qurbani for me. Thank you so much!


Zaitoon Travel helped me go on Hajj with cheapest prices. Brother Khurram was able to find me the cheapest Hajj package. He advised to go from Manchester airport to reduce flight price. He even booked cheapest hotel in Makkah. Hajj draft was also provided. I am impressed and was able to go on Hajj despite budget constraints. Excellent Service. Helpful Support.


FAQ About Our Hajj Packages & Services

Still Feeling Confused?

Check out some popular questions that our customers ask about Hajj packages and our booking services


With us, you can design and book Hajj packages for any duration that you prefer. Our most popular Hajj packages include Hajj packages for 27 nights, 21 days Hajj packages, 15 days Hajj deals and Hajj deals for 14 nights.


Yes, you have full freedom to design and book Hajj packages as per your unique needs. Our capable Hajj consultants give you full freedom to design Hajj packages as per your duration, hotel based on shifting or non-shifting accommodation, choose flights from nearest UK airport and also give you facility to choose Hajj draft and Qurbani for a comfortable Hajj stay and tension-free arrangements – at cheapest prices.


At Zaitoon Travel, we know reserving cheapest Hajj flights, that too from your nearest UK airport can be a troublesome process. This is why our flight specialists utilise our affiliation with top airlines that provide Hajj services and take advantage of real-time ticketing system to find and book cheapest flight tickets of best airlines that also operate from your nearest airport.


Generally, the airport transfers are not part of our Hajj packages to minimise Hajj package cost and travelling hassle for our pilgrims as the KSA government provides luxury bus transport facility from airport to Makkah hotel to all Hajjis for a more organized movement. Although, finding and arranging private transport for going from airport to Makkah hotel is not recommended but, If you still want a private transport, our Hajj agents can do it for your on your demand.


No, the tents for stay in Mina during the peak Hajj days are assigned by the government of KSA based on country of residence. Rest assured that you would be assigned a tend with Hajjis from UK and the tents have all essentials and air conditioning for a comfortable stay even during scorching heat.


Yes! When you Book Hajj package six months or more in advance with us, we provide you the opportunity to defer the cost of Hajj package in equal instalments. You just have to confirm your booking with £50 per person deposit and pay rest in equal instalments with complete payment pending 2 months before commencement of Hajj.


All-Inclusive Hajj Packages Are Gateway to Go For Hajj Journey Comfortably, Hassle-Freely & Cost Effectively

Hajj, known as greater Pilgrimage, is one of the five pillars of Islam. It is also called the annual pilgrimage that takes place every year in month of Dhuʻl-Hijjah and core events take place for the duration of 5 days from 8th to 13. It is compulsory on every able bodied and financially capable Muslim brother and sister. 

As Muslims who hold the capacity to perform Hajj desires to seize this opportunity. However, the overcrowding of Holy places (as it is once in a year sacred event) may lead to inadequate arrangements of Hajj flights, hotel accommodation, transport as well as additional arrangements like Hajj draft and Qurbani, leading to the cause of stress and fatigue for the pilgrims. In this chaotic moment, Hajj packages are the one that solve your problems in a capable manner give you comfortable & hassle-free Hajj Journey. However, there are many reasons why Hajj packages are the perfect choice to make your Hajj journey possible with added luxurious and hassle-free stay and local travel.

Hajj packages give you possibility of timely visa processing to let you embark on Hajj journey with planned schedule. With Hajj packages, you get the flexibility of booking Hajj flights as per your itinerary, UK departure city airport (whether from London, Manchester or Birmingham) to enjoy a seamless and punctual journey from major UK airports, even during bustling periods. You can get the freedom to choose hotel, in Makkah, Medina and Arafat tens, based on your staying preferences and budget requirements for an impeccable stay during the Hajj, guaranteeing utmost comfort and budget-friendly rates. You also enjoy the liberty to choose ground transport (SUVs, buses or sedans) as per your Ziyarat and inter-city travelling preferences whilst ensuring comfort throughout the stay and travelling by alleviating any concerns and ensure a hassle-free Ziyarat and intercity transfer experience. You also have the option to include Hajj draft (airport transfers and transfer from Makkah to Mina) and the Qurbani facility in the package so you don’t have to worry about worldly problems as every necessary arrangement is done in advance.

We have partnered with the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah to ensure efficient processing of multiple visas. We understand the importance of timely arrival and departure according to your Hajj schedule either to go before Hajj days or on the exact time, which is why we assist in securing business class flights from top airlines at the nearest airport on your planned schedule for a comfortable journey with no extra travel hassles. Additionally, our strong partnerships with renowned hotels in Saudi Arabia allow us to book reasonably priced yet luxurious rooms, ensuring a pleasant stay for you. Moreover, our contact with Saudi Hajj organizers make us to arrange stay in Arafat in luxury & air conditioned camps and also we ensure the availability of Hajj draft as well as inclusion of Qurbani facility. We have affiliated with trusted ground transport service providers to arrange affordable yet comfortable rides such as cars, SUVs, and vans, for seamless local transfers, so you can travel anywhere without worrying about transportation arrangements. Our team of experienced Hajj experts is always available to guide you on how to minimize the costs of your Hajj journey. We highly recommend booking in advance to take advantage of cost savings and make your Hajj trip more budget-friendly.

Zaitoon Travel Carefully Designs Hajj Packages to Your Exact Requirements

Planning and preparing for Hajj is a challenging task. But, designing and booking Hajj packages with right arrangements of suitable flights, comfortable hotels, convenience assuring local transport, Hajj draft and Qurbani facility that all meet your specific requirements is even more difficult. But, Zaitoon Travel makes it easy to plan, design and book Hajj packages with all such requirements that you need. Our Hajj advisors have served thousands of Muslims over the span of past decade and know what is important and how to find the cheapest arrangements that are also best in quality when planning and designing Hajj packages for our beloved customers. We make every necessary arrangement with extra caution and consider the ease, comfort, schedule, luxury and cheap prices in mind when designing hajj packages. 

We carefully schedule your journey to Embark on Hajj journey as per plan

Planning a Hajj journey and  want to ensure you meet your schedule of either going 7,10, 12 or more nights before 8th Zilhaj or going just one night before to perform Hajj Rites first and then schedule your additional Umrah and Ziyarats. Our Hajj agents mindfully make the entire Hajj plan as per your travelling schedule and ensure your departure and arrival is exactly how you want and on your specified date. 

We reserve flights suitably as per your budget, schedule and nearest airport preferences

Want cheapest flights but from your city’s airport to reduce travelling time? We utilise our affiliation with top airlines operating Hajj flights operations and take advantage of our real-time ticketing system to reserve cheapest Hajj flights that depart from all Muslim populated UK cities. No matter if you live in London, Birmingham, Manchester, and Bradford, if your city has an international airport and airlines perform Hajj operations from your city airport, we can find and arrange cheapest flight on requested schedule from your desired airport to provide you lowest prices and minimise travelling hassle. 

We book hotels based on your comfort, staying and pricing preferences

Being able to take rest after tiring Hajj rites is a necessity. Do you want to avail maximum comfort, necessary amenities and minimise distance from Haram to Grand mosque or Al Masjid Al Nabawi? We have got you covered. We take benefit of our year-long partnership with all major international and local hotel chains in Makkah and Medina and make mindful hotel booking based on your comfort and pricing preferences. We find and book cheapest hotels and carefully select shifting hotel in Aziziyah to reduce your Hajj package cost. Our experts use their expertise to find and book accommodation in luxury hotels situated nearby Haram that also remain in your possession even during peak Hajj days to ensure your comfort, minimised travelling and reduced hassle. 

We consider your Hajj companions’ comfort and necessities in mind

Going on Hajj with family or group of people you know? We carefully consider your Hajj companions in mind and make necessary arrangements accordingly. If you are going on Hajj with family consisting of elderly pilgrims, disabled persons or kids, we make arrangements like quad sharing based accommodation for entire family in same hotel, cots for babies, wheelchairs for elderly/disabled and meals to make your Holy tour full of comfort and no hassle at all. For your group pilgrimage with friends or colleagues, we not only arrange tickets of same flight to fly together but also arrange hotel rooms on dual, triple or quad sharing basis to ensure the entire group stay together.

Have specific requirements that you want to avail in Hajj packages? We are always there to help you. Our Hajj agents are all ears and listen to your specific needs and utilise their immense expertise and mass affiliations to book Hajj packages with every necessary that fulfil your requirements. 

What Things Make Zaitoon Travel the Best Agency for Booking Hajj Packages?

Zaitoon Travel has been serving the UK Muslim brothers and sisters for the past 10 years and have successfully sent thousands of pilgrims on Hajj with complete comfort. We also have a lot of affiliations, certifications, accreditations and offer various services that enable us to design and book Hajj packages.

  • We are ATOL protected so every time you book Hajj package with us, you can be sure your money is completely protected in case of any financial breakdown. 
  • We are certified with IATA so every time you book a Hajj flight with us, you are guaranteed cheapest prices and confirmed booking of flight.
  • Our certified agents have personally gone for Hajj so they know the problems and concerns of Hajjis and take necessary steps to remove all concerns whilst booking Hajj packages for our customers. 
  • Our direct affiliation with Ministry of Hajj Umrah, KSA allows us to get the visa processed on time. We also ascertain the required pre-requisites are present and you don’t have to face rejection due to documentation. 
  • We offer advance booking of Hajj packages so you can always pay a small initial deposit and pay rest in instalment ending two months before Hajj. Early booking discounts can also be availed if you book six months in advance or prior to that. 

Feeling convinced to plan your Hajj journey with us? Contacting us is easy. Simply get in touch with us now to book Hajj packages exactly how you want. You may call our experts, send us your queries to, contact our experts over 24/7 live chat or drop us a message over at social media to talk to an expert.